What Can an AFO Brace For Drop Foot Do For You?

AFO brace for drop foot is a pre-made polypropylene ankle-high arch brace designed to support flat-footed drop foot. It offers a flexible thin heel plate for easier trimming, a semi-ridged segment for toe and arch support and a soft, flexible upper portion for comfortable wearing. The lack of a high heel section improves comfort and gives better fit in shoes. Sizes for individuals below 5’8″ receive the small/medium (26 cm version) and large/large (30 cm version) versions. For those above 5’8″, sizes get larger – the XLS and XLSL.

The AFO brace is a very flexible brace with a light feeling. The material used is thick and strong which gives good ankle support. As the wearer moves about, it does not get rubbed and it does not slide off. It also is a very affordable option compared to other options. It can be worn with trousers or shorts.

One major benefit of the AFO brace is the ability to work as an O-ring and to expand to cover the entire foot if required. This is a great advantage as the wearer can increase his/her support all the way up to the top of the foot with the help of the spring. This way one does not have to remove the brace when changing shoes. The wearer also does not need to change the spring once he/she starts wearing the AFO bracelet as the elasticity of the spring will continue till the end of the day. It does not slip or move about when on the foot.

As this is a leaf spring, it is flexible and will mould to the shape of the person’s feet. This means that there is no risk of one suffering from “strain” after wearing the afo brace for drop foot support. No special effort is required to keep the spring in place and it does not cause pain in the feet and ankles.

For one to feel the full benefits of the leaf spring AFO bracelet, he/she should wear it for at least 30 minutes each day. To protect the afo brace from “sweaty” hands, it can be placed inside the mouth with the edges slightly pulled forward. If possible, it is better to put it inside the mouth near the back teeth so that it is out of sight and out of reach of most children.

Wearing an AFO brace for foot drop is recommended much more frequently than the flat type because the former is designed specifically for use in patients who are at risk for falling and experience a significant amount of pain in their feet, ankles and calves due to this condition. With a flat orthotic, you will find it quite easy to walk, but your movement will still be severely limited to just standing. But if you opt for an AFO brace for foot drop, you will quickly recover almost normal use of both your legs, albeit with a much more relaxed posture.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, it is also beneficial to one’s looks. It adds to one’s feminine appearance and makes ones appearance more attractive. It makes the feet look longer, broader and thicker. Moreover, it helps the feet maintain a good posture. All these help one to look good and boost self-confidence.

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