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A foot brace with foot drop correction features may help to restore balance and comfort in short time if the wearer is suffering from severe foot pain or if the gait is very slow. Such devices are commonly used in sports medicine to prevent athletes from experiencing injuries caused by overuse. They are also used to correct flat foot and arthritic foot pain.

Orthotics provide pain relief and increased comfort to those who wear them. Some orthotic manufacturers make special models specifically for use by patients with flat feet deformities. Orthotic braces have helped many people to regain their normal gait and health. Today, AFO brace are available in different styles and forms. A comfortable brace can easily be worn at home and it does not need any special maintenance. It is a good option for those who do not want to spend money on an expensive custom orthotic. AFO brace provides a simple yet effective way to correct foot drop and give pain relief and improved posture.