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Best Foot Braces for Flat Feet

In spite of the great advances that have been made in modern orthopedics over the last two decades, there is still no one method that can fix the problem of a flat foot. Flat feet are very common in most people and it can cause a lot of problems in a person’s life. Aside from not being able to participate in sports due to foot injuries, he or she cannot also perform well at work because of poor performance. AFO brace for foot drop works by correcting the abnormal gait pattern of a person. It can be used to help those with flat feet and high arches. High arches is caused by a greater curve of the foot than flat feet. AFO is a device that is used to provide support to correct the gait cycle. If you are suffering from high arches, then you might need rigid orthotics or AFO to hold your foot in the correct position.

Benefits of Foot Braces for Drop Foot

A shorter stride gives a less comfortable feel. Because of this, people with flat feet tend to experience pain on their walking and running because of the stress of carrying extra weight on their feet.

AFO brace for foot drop is often used for people who are suffering from flat foot deformities or those who have severely reduced sensation of touch. Those who do not respond well to standard supports may also find some relief by using such an electronic devices. In fact, AFO brace manufacturers had already designed special electronic devices especially for those with severe cases of foot drop.

AFO brace for foot drop corrects the abnormal rolling of the foot during walking or running. When a person has high arches or a high curve of the foot, it makes it more difficult for him to walk or run smoothly. Because of this, he tends to take longer strides while walking or running.

Best drop foot braces provides support to the arch of the foot and helps the wearer to get better gait and running posture. It is usually made of elasticated material or foam that stretches around the entire ankle and under the top of the toe. The strap that holds it on the foot is called a dig-in. This dig-in provides support for the arch and helps to prevent any abnormal arch shifting.

Loved by Many

Because of COVID-19 my knee replacement surgery was postponed twice; OK I plan on having surgery in 2021 after things calm down. In the meantime and for the last year, I have been using various knee braces with wrap around straps which become cumbersome and uncomfortable especially in summer.
Jessica Sommer
The product is really nice Foot brace.. tried another one, but the cold compression brace really worked wonders for me. Didn’t think I would recover from this foot injury so easily!
Bryan Lambert
Been having some knee pain off and on after a minor knee injury. THIS brace finally gave me some relief. So much so, I ordered 2 more so I would ALWAYS have one ready when needed. I tried different braces, and this one truly seemed to give me stability. YES!! I will update this should things change, but right now, I am one happy camper!
Kristin Foster

Best Foot Braces For tendonitis


If you have been diagnosed with orthopedic impairment, one of the first things that your doctor will probably suggest for you is wearing an AFO brace for foot drop prevention. This is due to the fact that most foot deformities are caused by stress placed on the bones of the foot or the development of bone spurs (which can also be caused by inherited traits). When an AFO brace for foot drop is worn, the bones and the entire foot will become more supported and less likely to undergo any stress related to it. 

The most common type of drop foot braces is one that helps the wearer to improve gait by strengthening the plantar fascia and the calf muscles. Some of these devices are available in sizes to accommodate small and large feet. They are designed to correct foot drop because of the reduced ability of the foot to absorb shock when the wearer jumps or changes direction of walking. This reduces the risk of foot injury.